The Sausalito Waterfront Action Group (SWAG) is a coalition of mariners who live live aboard their vessel in Richardson Bay and on shore. It includes those residents who live in Sausalito not on a vessel who want to take an active part in preserving Sausalito’s rich maritime history. Please read our mission statement. Our website is under construction so be patient. Following is an email we received from Jonathan Goldman (Sausalito City Public Works Director) concerning the current status of the “Sally Stanford” vessel that was attached to the Turney St. Public Dock. Thank you for all who have helped with this important project. It is amazing what can be accomplished when citizens and their government work together. Please send us any suggestions or comments

“Good morning and thanks — the City Manager has asked that I work with the Police Department to prepare a Staff Report for Council’s consideration on the 28th that would change the mooring regulations to allow 72 hour mooring of vessels with 20 HP motors or less on the southerly side of the Dinghy Dock and 15 minutes for any vessel on the northerly side while utilizing the ramp. I have also directed that the existing float be repaired and safely attached and that we inspect the sediment bars at low tide to identify and remove puncture hazards and to determine whether we could accomplish a small-scale dredging project to ensure that the dinghy dock can safely be used in all tides. We will also ask Council to consider directing me to seek BCDC’s approval to moor the Sally Stanford as an extension until an analysis and more permanent solution to the broader access issue you and your colleagues have raised can be addressed.”

  • As mentioned above, city staff will be presenting a report on this critical subject concerning public access to Sausalito’s waterfront. Please come to the January 28th city council meeting to show your support and provide valuable input. Click on our calendar link above for further details.

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